err...i hate when i'm like this
The Holiday Seasons are here and I just feel…err… I’m excited about christmas and seeing my friends…but I’m not quite in the holiday mood yet. It makes me depressed…Don’t know why. Maybe the Holiday Blues…? So, I must say that this year was a physically and emotionally tiring year, but learned so much about myself…I really don't know where to start from...I would describe this year to be a "rough but an amazing year." I’m just praying that things will be better next year...:)

God, I’m so looking forward to say good-bye to the difficult peeps at my work. Never mind...I am one of those difficult peeps.
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Lack of Sleep
Lately, I’ve been under the pressure and feeling fidgety. Adding that I have 7 months until my big transition, I haven't been sleeping that well. The preparation process is becoming overwhelming and stressful. I've been adding up the numbers and things I need to do before I move back to the states.
So, here goes the list: airplane ticket, laptop, furniture, car, appliances and a place to live.
Oh, and other expenses...
Living Expenses: insurance, food, electricity, gas…etc…crap.

I’m really excited what is coming ahead but at the same time very anxious. Yes, I lived in the States for 23 yearS? and I know my way around, but that's not enough. The financial issue seems to be my biggest concern. I've been sooooo financially undependent until now, (yes, call me spoiled) and worried if I can take care of myself financially with my current abilities. I don't spend as much on clothes and shopping, but considering the insurance, gas, electricity, and so on...I'm hoping I can "live" decently with a part-time job.

Anyway, I was never this timid plunging into a new transition. I always thought a “change” was good, so I moved to Japan. Anyway this angst feeling is a sign that I’m getting old. So, I’ve decided…getting a Saturday Job might release me from my financial anxiety!
Hopefully, I will find one soon...
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Intolerable Cruelty
b0019844_051423.gif::::Intolerable Cruelty ::::
有能な離婚弁護士のGeorge Clooneyは勝訴のために何でもやってきたが、大富豪の元夫人のCatherine Zeta-Jonesに恋してしまい、逆に自分の財産がとられそうになるという皮肉な結末の映画。正直、私はあまり"おもしろい"とは思わなかったが、キャストの豪華さに惹かれたという様な感じ。

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b0019844_23192489.gif::::50 first dates::::
Adam SandlerとDrew Barrymoreの可愛いラブコメディ。

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water boy
b0019844_21512677.gif::::Water Boy::::
いじめられてきたマザコンでだめなwater boyがfootball選手に抜擢されるストーリー。

最近、Adam Sandlerの映画に嵌り気味。Saturday Nightに出演してた頃は、あまり好きではなかったけど、映画のSandlerはかなりいい感じ。Adam Sandlerが出演している映画はほぼ制覇したけど、唯一見てないのが、Wedding Singer。今度は借りてみようっと。
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10 more minutes to go
b0019844_2132660.gifMy friend is coming over tonight and I am planning to buy some subways on the way home. I was surprised when I saw fries, baked fries, at the Subways in Japan. Oh, and the fries in Japan...damn they are good. Like chips, Subway had three kinds of flavors: salt, barbeque, and basil fries. Basil...yum yum. So, it seems like tonight will be a subway night.

Anyway, only 10 minutes away until I hit home...
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my mom was kind enough to buy me some flowers today. hope you like them too.
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"weekends are.... the best"
b0019844_23455772.gifI've been thinking too much lately. I know I shouldn't be thinking too much...or maybe I should. Anyway, I'm not getting anywhere, so I've decided not to go too far into my future planning yet.

So, my weekend was another DVD marathon again. I watched Anger Management on saturday and somehow related to it. I realized, it's really difficult to let your anger out in Japan. It's thought to be very "immature", which maybe true, BUT I still think it's still okay to be angry at something or shall I say standing up for yourself. Hopefully, I can...because I've lost all the confidence I had while living in Japan.

Have a nice weekend...and enjoy the upcoming holiday.
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"Thank God It's Friday"
It's finally friday and I am so excited that I get 2 days off next week. I've been in that phase where I feel like staying home....everyday.
I've been very unproductive for the past few months. I go straight to work and go straight back home. Oh and I've stayed home for the past weekends, spending time in front of the TV. (watching movies to be specific) Anyway, I love staying am I going to survive all by myself?

Let me see my plans for this week...if I have any.
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